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We have stopped foreclosures, repossessions, liens, levys for thousands...


Are You Buried In Debt?

You may need to file bankruptcy if:

  • You Are About To Lose Your Home Due To Foreclosure

  • Your are behind on car payments and car is repossesed 

  • If Bill and Debt Collectors Are Calling You Day and Night

  • You were Served With a Lawsuit Over a Debt or Credit Card Bill

How Bankruptcy Stops All Debt Collections

1.     The moment you file a bankruptcy, all debt collection stops.

A "stay" is ordered and debt collection must stop immediately, allowing you to organize your life and finally get the relief you deserve. This means it becomes illegal for debt collectors collect a debt while the stay is in effect. Only a Judge in Bankruptcy Court can lift the stay.

  • Any foreclosure on your home stops immediately.

  • A car repossession must stop and any vehicle taken must be returned to you.

  • Any Debt Collection (Calls to your home, work or cellphone) must cease immediately upon notice.

  • Stops any lawsuit against you and stays any liens, garnishments or levy on property.

2.     Types of debts you can include in your bankruptcy:

  • Home Mortgages (Bankruptcy will discharge the debt in your mortgage, but will not erase the banks lien on your home.)
  • Car Finance Debt (Bankruptcy will discharge (erase) the debt you owe on your car, but will not erase the lien on your car.)
  • Traffic Ticket Debts
  • Second Mortgages
  • Unpaid Utility Bills
  • Credit Card Bills
  • Unsecured Debts
  • Medical Bills and Debt
  • Some Car Accident Debts (If you are at fault in a Car Accident and have no insurance. Wrongful Death and similar accident debts cannot be erased.)
  • Some Taxes (Federal Income Tax OLDER than 3 years can be erased in Bankruptcy, so long as you have not made any promise to pay or payments on the Taxes

Stop Foreclosures, Repossessions, Evictions and more instantly upon filing.
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ZERO DOWN Bankruptcy Lawyers

The "Original" $0 Money Down Bankruptcy Solution

ZERO DOWN Bankruptcy Lawyers
The "Original" $0 Money Down Bankruptcy Solution

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